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1. Open Calculator

2. Type in your birthday as MM * DD * YYYY

3. Copy the resulting number into Google Image Search

4. Click on Search Tools, Type, and choose Animated

5. From the top row of results, save whichever gif you want to loop on a small LCD screen embedded in your future tombstone

6. Reblog and add the image




Happy Birthday to the always serious and somber Dr. Tegan Feehery.

Happy Birthday to the always serious and somber Dr. Tegan Feehery.

Show Friday at CCAS. One of two very cool handmade flyers by Jim Ventosa. #uzuhi #clockbreaker #cankerblossom #heavenlynobodies #charmcityartspace #ccas #diy #flyer #design #punk #Baltimore #stationnorth

Show Friday at CCAS. One of two very cool handmade flyers by Jim Ventosa. #uzuhi #clockbreaker #cankerblossom #heavenlynobodies #charmcityartspace #ccas #diy #flyer #design #punk #Baltimore #stationnorth





J Fernandez (IL), Haywelt, Filardo, Moore, and DJ Rockwell Ryerson. 8 pm @ The Crown

White Fence, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Mystery Lights, and Slow Jerks. 8 pm @ Metro Gallery


Twin Peaks, Tweens, and Sun Club. 7 pm @ Metro Gallery

Chilled Monkey Brains,…

usually i agree with pretty much everything you say on here, but that 'genuine and kind =/= good art' talk is confusing. i get that many artists are not good dudes in real life and that it should not affect how you perceive their art. however there are lots of exceptions. you have a minor threat tattoo on you. would you say ian mackaye is not a genuine kind of guy? how about asa osborne? met him once, he seemed really nice.


it isn’t that simple.  i have a friend who is a violent sociopath.  he is also a very funny, very charming zude.  ultimately, hanging with him is like a hanging out with a bear.  bears are cool, but they might also at any moment, seemingly without provocation, tear you limb from limb.  this is just a thing you have to sort of accept being friends with this person.  however, should you have seen this persons band and spoken to them briefly after a show, you would likely have gotten the cordial, charming, funny dude.  you would have walked away thinking “that dude seems really nice.”

but onto the art eroding you personhood thing: this is a crux of adulthood; hands down the biggest challenge in my life.  good art requires dedication.  it is constantly challenging yourself and throwing huge chunks of time into perfecting your craft.  the best art requires the most extreme focus.  other things often become pretty inconsequential.  

do you have any friends who are always down to hang?  everybody likes them; they are good listeners and fun friends.  they usually have a large social network and perhaps travel to visit friends often.  do you have this friend?  i know i have several of them. i enjoy them a great deal, but, have you ever seen their art?  if it exists, it probably sucks.  

successful business people neglecting families.  high level athletes’ gambling addictions.  artists/musicians living up their own ass.  the sort of megalomania(i guess narcissistic personality disorder is the more current term) required to reach a high level of success is often prohibitive of making good connections with many human beings.

in short, you can be a person, or you can be a good artist.  this isn’t to suggest that it is entirely black and white, in or out.  there are all sorts of positions in between.  i usually vacillate between the super focused and the semi-likable person, and in turn a good artist and a passable artist.  i, like many people, find some fulfillment in connection with other human beings.  sometimes i leave my little world to go interact with them.

but i can say this without any doubt: my best art and my highest level of achieving my own goals comes when i am the friend who doesn’t return texts and the emotionally unavailable romantic partner that leaves people feeling used.  how will you choose?


Last night, #axis initiated the birth of a new universe inside CCAS, obliterating us all into a primal ooze #charmcityartspace #mayflyrecords (at Charm City Art Space)

I’m gonna be rich #theheadsarezeros

I’m gonna be rich #theheadsarezeros